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AEM 6.2 & Hybris integration

Even though you can find a very detailed explanation about how to install hybris and add demo content (cq-geometrixx-hybris-content-6.2.100.zip) in Adobe documentation, the aim of this post is to dig a little deeper into this integration and talk about the communication between AEM and hybris during the checkout process.

Some considerations to take into account:

After installing the cq-hybris-content-6.2.100.zip package, make sure to have the correct hybris version in the config manager console http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr



If you plan on making a PoC on your project, make sure to have the cq:hybrisBaseStore, cq:hybrisCatalogId on your root page. Otherwise, you’ll get a null pointer when trying to access the product’s prices – among other type of issues.



Product’s price

The product’s price is not stored in AEM. So whenever a user hits a product’s detail page, AEM makes a request to hybris in order to get its price.




If you go to hybris Product Cockpit Module (, you will see two catalogs for Geometrixx: online and staged.



If, by any chance, you need to change the product’s price, you will need to go to the hybris management console ( and change the stage product’s price.






Checkout process

If you try to add any product into the cart, you will get an “InsufficientStockError”



In order to bypass this error – and be able to add stock for a particular product (for each variations as well) – you should follow these steps:



After adding products into the cart, you’ll go to the checkout page. In the State/Province field, you need to put a correct ISO 3166-2 value



These values are the expected ones in hybris



When testing data for credit card info, you can use the following example:



After finishing the checkout process, you will receive an order number. With it, you can proceed to the hybris console and view the order details.


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