This project involved moving from a multi-site approach with several sites and a fragmented experience into a single AEM solution, delivering content to the client’s audience based on location, interests and preferences.

Client Vertical

Consulting Firm with presence in all major geographies


Managing several different channels like web, mobile and social from different platforms gives a fragmented user experience, as well as significantly increases the time, effort and budget needed for maintaining and supporting all these different platforms. Therefore, this consulting firm decided to migrate their different existing sites into a single AEM platform, delivering content to the right audience regardless where they are and the channel or device they are using.

Because of its size and complexity, this project involved several geographically-distributed development teams, besides the Leadership Team, the IT Infrastructure team and the Migration & Testing Team.

Just as an example of the size of the project, some of the components that were developed are being instantiated thousands of times in different pages, therefore involving a carefull design and performance considerations.

The initial development effort in order to get the first production site up and running involved almost a year of work, and after that, an ongoing effort to continue to improve and expand functionalities and regions.


AEM 6.2, 6.1, 6.0 & 5.6, Akamai, Sightly, JSP, ExtJS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Bundles, Git.


  • Geographically-distributed teams.
  • Constantly upgrading to the latest AEM version.
  • Complex technical and performance challenges.

Some facts

  • 80.000 pages.
  • 10.000+ development hours.
  • 500 users.