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AEM as a cloud service, a challenging shift or a rising opportunity?

Did you hear that Adobe Experience Manager will be released as a Cloud Service? Probably youdid. 

Since Adobe’s announcement there has been a lot of noise all around. Actually, there are already several technicalposts talking about the impact and challenges this change might bring.   

Instead of following this trend, we decided we’ll write about howthese changes can bring new opportunities to business and technology; and howcompanies like Conexio can get interesting benefits of this AEM shift. 

Quick recap 

AEM as a Cloud Service will provide a dynamic architecture, itmeans that now AEM will be scaled based on its actual traffic and siteactivity.  Therefore, AEM pricing willchange, instead of paying a license per instance the client will pay accordingto their Page Views/API Calls (at least, those are the rumors for now).  

In this context, having a new accessible price in AEM, the most recognized CMS in the world, will entail new opportunities, markets and clients. In fact, thischange rises a huge benefit for mid-size companies. 

As Loni Stark said: “It creates a compelling offerfor mid-size companies and enterprises that are increasingly transforming toadopt advanced digital tools but need more simplicity and flexibility tosupport their changing business models”. 

Another improvement that brings great benefits, is that AEM willhave an author cluster as default. Before, the basic/standard AEM productioninstallation had only one author instance, having downtime because ofmaintenance tasks. This brings a major benefit for Authors from now on becausethey will have an environment 24/7, with no downtime that causes pains during campaign releases. 

Mid Market 

Until now, enterprises or mid-size companies have been requiring asolution to reduce their gap with digital transformation and their changingbusiness. They needed to face a challenging anddemanding market without having the resources to afford the right technologicalsolutions. They were craving for developing digital customer experience management with an agile, safe and globallyscalable platform. 

That is why, it is interesting to think and understand how thisAEM shift can turnaround the mid-market companies‘ situation. 

Despite the pricing flexibility, the fact that now AEM will be aCloud Service will create the right context for mid-size companies andenterprises. Adobe presents a new simple and flexible offering, that supportstheir need for digital transformation and can adapt to their changing businessmodels. AEM as a Cloud Service offers Saas, not only it can be extensible andcustomizable, but also, it will help mid-markets on improving their time tomarket. 

This brings new opportunities for smaller clients than the ones weare used to work for. As an example, Latin American companies, which arelooking to transform digitally and access to CMS systems as Adobe ExperienceManager.  

Why Conexio? 

Conexio is an Adobe Specialized Partneron Adobe Experience Manager and we intend to be constantly informed on Adobe’s changes. Being close to Adobehelped us on being more responsive in their changes and new releases. Inaddition, thanks to our size, we can quickly and easily adapt to changes compared to big global companies, that may havethe resources but are slow to respond. It is key to train your teams and alignthem regarding these new approaches and technological operatives. 

Nowadays, there are a bunch of LATAMcompanies that are eager to use a first-class CMS and it seems this change canbe an Adobe strategic movement, that would be the perfect move. 

As Adobe already informed, their primary Go-To Market offering forthis year will be AEM as Cloud Service and AEM Sites and Assets will beavailable in NA, EMEA and ANZ. Unfortunately, this release isnot available for LATAM yet, but hopefully during March’s Adobe Summit we will getclose to LATAM timeline release date. 

Keep in mind that now Cloud Manager to create environments isavailable only in three geographical regions: US (East), EMEA (Netherlands) andAPAC (Australia). Probably, Adobe will increase this offering soon. 

If you want to learn more about these changes, we recommend reading the following links. These posts share information with a higher technicallevel and will provide you a better understanding on how this will work and onhow to face it correctly. 

If you want to know more on how AEM as a Cloud Service can benefityour business, contact us, we can support you and give you insights on how tobe prepared for it.

Written by

Pablo Larrosa

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