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After globalization, outsourcing can be a key for your business

The world is nowoperating in a different way, globalization changed things and workingopportunities are now located worldwide. This context broadens opportunitiesnot only for potential employees but also for companies; now they can findtalent all around the globe.

Some companies maystruggle to manage day to day business, in some cases, they can’t respondefficiently to their demand or maybe they need to cut their expenses because ofa challenging economy. In this matters, outsourcing can help the organizationsto achieve their business goals and surpass this type of issues.

I would like to ask yousomething. When you require specific skills, knowledge and expertise, why don’tyou think to look a little bit further?

Sometimes your team needsa little help. You recently received a new client and it came up with aninteresting project but you realize your current team might not be enough toaccomplish the objectives and deadlines.

Specifically, our clientsfind themselves looking for experts to support them to architect, build andtest their AEM projects. Under this circumstance, outsourcing can allow you togain expertise and can be key to your business, don’t you think?

Outsourcing helps you notonly in reducing costs and investment, but also to increase development capacityand delivering more value. Conexio Group is located in Latin America, havingconvenient time zone (EST+1, PST-1) and cultural affinity, which allows to haveconstant communication between teams, reducing bottlenecks and blockers. Our HQis in Uruguay, which is one of the top software exporters and one of the mostadvanced software development centers in the region, having several governmentinvestments and initiatives oriented to the technology industry.

In Conexio Group we havean enthusiastic and reliable nearshore workforce looking forward for newchallenges. Everyone at Conexio shares our core values and are oriented toinnovation, process improvement and outcomes. In Conexio we successfullyexecuted more than 150 AEM projects for several markets and verticals. We wantto actively support your projects with the highest quality and best practices,we are intended to boost and augment your teams having a fluid communicationand work flexibility.

Conexio’s team isconstantly facing new challenges and learning opportunities, we intend to growas a team and support our people in every step of their journey. Conexio’s teamis 100% certified on AEM, that’s part of our excellence compromise with ourteam and clients; we are compromised to provide highly skilled professionals,challenging industry experience and leading AEM solutions.

As a result, our clientsacknowledge our values and experience them in every project stage, they valueour compromise but also, our responsibility to be flexible and responsiveduring the project to accomplish the client needs and requests.

Our aim is to be anextended part of your team, to share our expertise and to build strongrelationships, your objective and ambition will be shared among our team. Onceyou decide to work with us, you embrace a team of 40 people willing to supportyou in every step of your projects.

Remember, “Theentrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as anopportunity.”, Peter Drucker said once. Maybe it’s time to take a chance toboost your business and find a trustworthy partner to support you.

Written by

Eugenia Goyeneche

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