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Digital Customer Experience Role after Covid-19

The world is facing challenging times due to Covid-19. Definitely, it is quite surprising how rapidly the society, economy, routines and consumption are confronting significant consequences. The question is, is there a day after Covid-19?

In a distanced world, digital customer experience took a main role in companies as technology and the internet are the main or, in many cases, the only channel of interaction with the world.  The question for managers is, how to manage the crisis, adjust budgets and still maintain digital transformation to develop unique digital customer experiences? Since technology is allowing us to socialize, work, communicate, buy, deliver, entertain and educate; maybe now we should admit technology is the reason why the wheel keeps on moving.

This crisis can be the perfect opportunity for companies to become digital, create a positive digital experience and impact on its customers as never before. People nowadays require connections and interactions that support them while being isolated, arising the opportunity to be closer than ever and create special bonds with customers of loyalty and trust., through connectivity and experiences.

Customer Experience leaders will have to re-organize their Mar-Tech strategies and specially, keep a constant track on how customer preferences are changing to rapidly innovate and respond to new customer journeys. Technology and Marketing will have to work side by side to position the company, unveil technology’s potential to deliver outstanding customer experiences and connect in a unique and personalized manner with its customers. The new CXM strategy will define the future company success, but in this uncertain times Mar-Tech leaders must be, more than ever, customer centric. Focusing on promoting care and connection, meeting with customers through technology, building capabilities for a fast-changing world and trying to prepare digital customer experience strategies for a post Covid-19 world.

Despite the fact that most companies understand the importance of digital customer experience, they are still concerned about the idea of having to revamp the whole digital approach and invest on improving their Mar-Tech strategies. Nonetheless, companies know that if they don’t make a move, they can face the risk of being disrupted and replaced.

In this matter, several industries are remaking their digital customer experiences by helping customers to make a better use of digital and remote channels. Companies need to include internal and external processes into the digital world, developing omni-channel experiences and personalized campaigns in every touch point, but also, transmitting transparency and security to all customers. Industries as banking and financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, education, among others, are working on these processes and investing on Mar-Tech strategies than can accelerate their business and allow them to keep on going.

The challenge is to know where to begin and what to prioritize. Companies realize that developing digital transformation is hard, but actually knowing how to make it customer focused, is even harder. The question now is: are you ready to go beyond theory and put digital costumer experiences strategies on practice?

Before starting to define your CXM plan, you need to understand and analyze some fundamentals that compound your strategies. These fundamentals allow companies to understand their current status and unify all the CXM key points based on their needs and objectives. This process requires the right guidance and support at this stage, but previously, they must have settled their starting point and identified their main goals.

The profound knowledge on the company current situation, given by these key points, will lead you into defining concrete digital projects and boosting opportunities in digital customer experiences. If you are planning to rock your company digital costumer experience through the Adobe Marketing Cloud, this is the right moment as customers around the world are asking for it.

Which first steps should you take?

Looking for customized recommendations based on your needs, objectives and tailored to the areas you need to transform.

 Defining a CXM strategy which covers every area of interest and its members. It should include the concrete steps to follow and to start working with a defined plan.

 Finding the right Adobe Partner which can support you on delivering unique digital customer experiences. Companies need a Mar-Tech partner to rely on, with Adobe expertise to guide you while auctioning.

Given the ambiguous situation of our actual daily life, we must be one step ahead of our costumers changing behavior and routine. Due to the worldwide ignorance of how the general situation will develop, we have to be conscious that every company decision may vary according to the industry status on each very moment. For this, companies must understand the significance of digital customer experiences and get into designing a roadmap to accomplish objectives and discover the current Mar-Tech potential. Customer experience leaders who innovate, remain close to their customers and anticipate their changing habits, will build stronger relationships that will prepare them for any challenge to face.

Written by

Eugenia Goyeneche

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