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In a Digital First world Adobe Summit 2021 put the foot down

After experiencing longer than one year of pandemic, definitely, Adobe Summit was the highlight of this year’s opening. This 2021, Adobe Summit had a very good organization, where partners, clients and Adobe team members, could enjoy all the keynotes and talks and even, do some networking on Brainsdate. I was fondly surprised with the quality of the event, in terms of topics, insights and trends, specifically the incredible innovations that Adobe brought this year.

One of the strongest phrases I have found at Adobe Summit was, “We have come from a world from digital to a digital first world, and there is no going back”. Definitely, we strongly agree there is no going back. Not only because of the pandemic and its impacts, mainly, because it boosted the digital economy, it accelerated digitalization worldwide and it empowered us to continue advancing, and never going back.

I cannot deny, that the main stage was took by Adobe Experience Platform at Adobe Summit 2021.AEP is a great innovation for the digital experiences, as it turns customers data into robust customer profiles by updating in real time and using AI insights, this new data driven tool will boost digital experiences as never before. As a result, AEP gained a key role and will share with us incredible challenges from now on. AEP is now located at the heart of the Adobe ExperienceCloud; it powers Adobe Experience Cloud platforms to deliver real time personalization’s at scale.

One of the key messages at Adobe Summit was that we need to fuel the digital economy and accelerate through data intelligence, specially, if you expect to be on top of your competitors. In a digital first world, personalized content drives everything from first impressions and first purchases to lasting customer relationships.

Now, more than ever we all know we need to build stronger experiences and faster than ever before. We need to center our strategies on the customer and unveil the potential of Adobe’s leading platforms. We need to think and re-think on the importance of data and content intelligence in order to make sites actionable, democratize content creation and access, personalize and adapt content for every interaction and optimize with experience intelligence. Inspiring case studies have been presented as Walmart, Goodlife Fitness, Wintrust FinancialCorp, Lumen, among others, that showed all of us how to innovate and transform the way we all create, optimize and deliver experiences.

This year we have seen Adobe tremendously inspired. Adobe seized its role as CustomerExperience Leader worldwide and brought the latest innovations to market. We already heard some of them as Adobe Journey Optimizer, Adobe Journey Analytics, The next generation Real time CDP, a new empowerment of Adobe ExperienceManager, we welcomed Adobe Commerce, among others. All these bring great innovations that will continue creating and designing our digital first world.


The questions here might be, Why? How?

Why are we trying to be more accurate and exact with the customer? We all need to excel the current customer expectatives. Expectatives vs reality, will define how the customer positions the brand and how open it will be to build a relationship.If we all position ourselves as customers, we will automatically think on immediate, real time, personalized, unique, perfect, but overall, Special for Me. So, how can Mar-Tech’s reach that? Through all these innovations, that allow us Mar-Tech’s to define strategies, journeys, touchpoints, use data and intelligence, now we can connect the dots on real time and provide the customer exactly what is unique and special for them.

It is time we all connect the dots, know the customer deeply and locate the customer at the center of our customer experience. Design the journey that the customer is willing to have and connect the dots to make the difference and provide exactly, on real time, what is special for that customer. Mar-Tech’s today have the ability to design that journey, guide the customer on a unique experience offline and online that will lead to achieve your company’s business goals.

If we excel customer expectatives and harness the power of the innovations Adobe brought us on this Summit, I am confident efficiency and effectiveness will rise, to provide a perfect relation where customer engages with the brand and the brand achieves their business objectives.

The huge messageI got from Adobe summit is to continue innovating, continue growing, continue learning of this digital first world and be one step ahead of it. Be ready, fora digital first world and empower yourselves to create experiences that are Special for each of your customers, because we are all unique.

How can we create a Meaningful Experience through empowering our Mar-Tech’s teams with the right technology? What are the current challenges we need to address this 2021 to excel at this digital first world?


We will tell you soon…

Written by

Eugenia Goyeneche

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