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The dawn of a Cookieless world - Adobe Summit 2021

As mentioned before on our prior post, most topics in this Adobe Summit 2021 had a customer centricity focus and all the spotlight was focused on Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe CDP. Nowadays with the dawn of a cookie-less world where third-party data will be no longer available, brands are shifting their data strategies to a first-party data one. Here's where CDP’s helps companies to navigate this transition giving tailored personalization to their customers providing the user the experience they demand.


As you are probably aware, Google announced the deprecation of 3rd party cookies in favor of customer privacy. What does it mean and how this affects my marketing strategy?  

I will simply explain it with an example, a user accesses your homepage, clicks on one product that is showed up in the carousel banner and leaves the site. Despite it’s an anonymous user we can use third-party cookies to retarget them across social media and websites showing up ads related to that product, to lead them tore-engage with your brand. Without third-party cookies this type of marketing strategies cannot be applied, to achieve 1:1 targeting we need the user to login, shift from unknown to known user. 


There are some other strategies to identify anonymous users, device fingerprinting is one of them. It collects information about the user software and hardware to generate an identifier for this unknown user. Google also announced a Privacy Sandbox that will use interest-based advertising with their Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) algorithm. Behind the scenes FloC uses machine learning to cluster a large group of people with similar interests.  

In my opinion, this approach is just trying to do the same thing with another tools, and not meeting the user expectations about how companies should handle privacy. 

Companies should work on bringing better experiences to lead users to engage with their brands, doing leverage of their zero- and first-party data. At this moment, it is when AEP becomes the heart of your company data to creating meaningful experiences during the whole user journey. 

If you already sneaked about AEP you know that it provides a tons of handful feature to improve the whole user journey. Luckily you don’t need to go from zero to one hundred in one Q, you can start doing small changes, measure them and work towards to tackle the whole journey. Also, AEP has different licenses packaging models, as any other Adobe Experience Cloud Product. 


Last but not least, Customer Experience was another key topic highly mentioned during Adobe Summit. We have been supporting our clients and helping them to bring better experiences.

One of our recommendations regarding client's web experience it's to improve site Google Web Vitals scores. This helps to optimize the site performance bringing a faster and better experience to the user and also improving the site SEO positioning (Google used the Web Vitals scores are a key factor for SEO positions). Google also provide user centric reports that the outcomes can be leverage by business owners, marketers and developers.  When you start working in these improvements you don’t need to throw away your site and build it from scratch. Prior doing any change, identify all the pages involved in your most relevant funnel of your site, do a performance analysis of each of steps and plan accordingly to improve your sites Web Vital scores. Once you are done with the implementation, we don’t recommend to simply rip and replace the pages in the funnel. Create an A/B test with the two funnel implementations to measure and analyze every step during the user journey and compare and evaluate the conversions. 


All these changes might sound scary, and you should start at least re-thinking your marketing strategy to be prepared for what’s about to come. At Conexio, we are ready to help you during this process and guide you on how achieve your business goals and deliver a long-lasting experience to your clients. 


Written by

Pablo Larrosa

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