Adobe Analytics & Target Specialists

Professional profile

Adobe Analytics and Target certified professional. Strong knowledge and experience in marketing operations, marketing analytics and social media marketing.

Career summary

  • (2022– Present) - Adobe Analytics & Target Specialist
    Migrating Data Studio information to Adobe Analytics, configuring evars and props and reviewing reports, implementing Adobe Analytics, planning personalization on Adobe Target, uploading audiences to Adobe Audience Manager. Implementing Analytics by using Adobe launch. Defining new rules and generating reports. Worked as a Google Analytics auditor for a cybersecurity and connectivity provider. Actively participating in Conexio’s demo page gathering events using Adobe Analytics and Adobe Launch.
  • (2017 – 2020) - Marketing Specialist
    Insights and target analysis to optimize marketing campaigns using Adobe Analytics. Building and maintaining the Business Requirements Document with success events, conversion, and classification variables. Web tracking, building reports, e-commerce implementation, event tracking, tagging with GTM and using tools like Google Analytics, Power BI and Google Data Studio


  • English ( working proficiency)
  • Spanish (native)

Education & qualifications

  • Bachelor in Marketing