Adobe Experience Platform Specialists

Professional profile

Our Adobe Experience Platform specialists are skilled engineers with a focus in the mix of Data Science, Marketing Technology and Machine Learning. With a variety of backgrounds and unique career paths we are building an AEP team that will define the future of our practice.

Career summary

  • (2022– Present) - AEP Specialist
    Build AI/ML propensity model using AEP data.
    Setup Adobe Launch to send data to AEP Ingest batch data into AEPAEP API ingestion data.
    Configure Source Connectors, as AWS, Target, Campaign.
    Create AEP segments
    Create dataset for web SDK schemas
  • (2019 – 2022) - Marketing Data Analyst and Research
    Data & Analytics – Innovation Squad
    Python Data Analysis – Machine Learning – Face Recognition
    API’s – SQL – ETLPython Data Analysis - Datamining
    Machine Protection - Large Hadron Collider
    Availability and Reliability predictions


  • English ( working proficiency)
  • Spanish (native)

Education & qualifications

  • Bachelor in Information Technology Engineering