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Customer Experience Strategy

Looking for consultants that put their piece of advice into practice? Unlock new brand value with us! Let us deliver our deep expertise in CX ambitious projects.

Customer Experience Strategy

Doesn’t matter where are you in the journey, we will help you define the next steps, guide you and achieve your goals. We will discover your current status, create a new strategy with a combination of tactics and initiatives that will improve customer experience,boost your conversion rates and impact directly your ROI.

Let’s design together customer experiences that unlock true value for your company.

At Conexio, we are digital experience experts in generating long-lasting relationships with your clients and impacting your KPI’s with a series of different cross-channels strategies.

We run our CX consulting process from Discovery till CX Strategy definition.

Discovery- The Discovery Phase intends to understand your business, functionalities and technical aspects. Analyze and recollect data to define the current status to work from.

Design – The Design Phase will wrap up all the collected information from the previous phase and highlight the most important insights to work from. Our consulting team will build an actionplan focused on improving or building a digital experience based on your objectives and needs. This plan will cover the CX Strategy created between our teams, implementation plan and recommendations or next steps.

Handson – Finally, we reach this Phase where we will make together adjustments, define and approve every aspect of the plan and start putting Hands On yourunique Digital Experience. Welcome on board!

A unified solution that supports organizational goals and improves customer experiences.

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Analytics, testing and data collection to define audience segments and deliver personalized content.

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