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We offer dedicated AEM & Sitecore Development Teams, so you can use our highly skilled teams with certified developers, with extensive expertise in Web Content Management Systems and the Java and .NET platforms, specializing in agile development, to ensure quality, cost-effectiveness and integration with the client. 

Engagement Models

We offer several engagement models that suit both, our client’s needs and the project’s needs. Ranging from pure time & materials models to Sprint-based quotations, including pools of hours with several skills in blended rates


Conexio was founded in early 2014 by executives from three leading IT companies based in Montevideo, Uruguay who recognized the opportunity for its highly skilled developers to provide Adobe® Experience Manager (AEM) development services abroad.
Conexio has a proven track record of working on-site or remotely, following agile methodologies.
Currently counting with 20 professionals specializing in AEM and Sitecore Platforms, and through its companies comprising a team of more than 250 professionals, our clients can leverage from this entire ecosystem for various technologies, skills and faster ramp-ups.
Conexio provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for your projects, you can utilize our AEM & Sitecore Development Teams with strong Java /.NET and Web Content Management (WCM) background, time-zone proximity to the U.S. (1 hour ahead the East Coast) and an understanding of North American cultural nuances.

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Key Differentiators

Tap into our experience and expertise

Our engineers have extensive experience in the technologies we offer and almost all hold university-level degrees.

Competitive rates

We balance quality and cost. We invest in retaining and training our talent which in turn provides dependable high quality IT services for your projects.

Methodological expertise

Following agile methodologies, we focus on executing projects efficiently. We believe that these skills go hand-in-hand with technical acumen and problem-solving.

Cultural affinity

Our ability to effectively communicate with our US clients is paramount to our success. The social and cultural influence of the US has impacted us greatly and American popular culture is interwoven in our culture.

Time zone

The ability to collaborate with our clients live and on-line is crucial. Complex projects require frequent contact. We are only 1 hour ahead the East Coast during Daylight Savings Time (EDT).

Our Values

Honor our Commitments

We are committed to work with our clients to ensure that we’ve completed work as promised.


Conexio started as three companies collaborating to create a new solution and it’s in our DNA. We work hard to understand our client’s needs and vision.

Be Transparent

We provide complete transparency during all phases of a project from inception through development and launch.

Work Hard

We put 110% effort into everything we do.


Complex projects require flexibility, since not every requirement can be envisioned in advance, and issues will emerge. We are big enough to guarantee and back up our projects, but not so big as to lose flexibility.


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