Conexio Social Impact Program.

Providing tech solutions for non-profit organizations that need to improve their digital experiences.
As a global Customer Experience Management agency we are passionate about what we do: helping leading brands create meaningful connections with their customers through Adobe Solutions. But our passion for creating positive experiences extends beyond just our work.

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We are also passionate about giving back to the communities we influence with our work. That's why we created the Conexio Social Impact Program.

Our current goal

Finding these organizations and helping them reach new heights while investing in our team talent.

Why we do it

We know the world needs technology to keep running the way we know it, but it also needs some balance. Conexio Social Impact Program aims to digitally empower brands working for that balance.


By building solid alliances with non-profits and socially responsible organizations, we hope to learn more about important causes, expose our team to the world's different realities and develop a program that leaves a positive mark on every participant from both sides.

Making Customer Experience Management your key brand differentiator

With all the choices available to consumers, from products to distribution channels, everything brands do has an impact. But regardless of the industry, they all face the challenge of providing seamless experiences across all channels. That’s why we made Customer Experience Management our core service.

At the heart of a great CXM strategy, there’s always a great model.

We see our clients as a partner.

We're here to work together. More than a service provider, we're your partner in Customer Experience Management.

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A unique model

Every Conexio team will have a team manager, success manager and practice leaders for every Adobe solution that we will be using. This structure supports all the specialist that will be working in the project.

Interdisciplinary and flexible.

Also, every Conexio team is interdisciplinary and flexible. We can adapt to whatever need you have with your Adobe projects

Users at the center of everything
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Adobe partner

Conexio is designed around our clients needs. We are focused on the Adobe technology and that allow us to be experts in our field

Put your efforts where it matters most

A user-centered process focuses resources in the most important aspect of all: customer experience and how to deliver it.

Our partnership will look like this:
We will document the challenge, milestones, definition of done, team structure, communication process, and working methodology.
Now that we have a clear vision of what we will achieve, the strategy and development teams will start to build what we plan. We work side by side with your team, so there will be daily communication and sprint meetings.
Once we finish the use cases, the QA teams will start testing what we have built.
Knowledge Transfer
We will create a set of documentation deliverables based on the project goals.
User tests
Real users will interact with what we build. In this stage, we will document every opportunity for improvement, bug, or new idea.
Once everything is in production, we will have a handover meeting to define our next steps.
Iterate & Optimize
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How does the program work?

A quick time frame

A 6-8 week program to help solve your biggest challenges. We will provide your organization with experienced talents from our Academy programs at a discounted rate.

Understanding your needs

Once we understand your challenges, our teams will get together to design the best possible project for your needs.

Following through

The final stage involves planning and executing the sprint.

Start transforming the experiences your audience deserves.
Let’s build them together.

We've been part of the teams at:

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