Conexio Elevates Its Tech Prowess: Powered By Nearsure


As a new year begins, we're thrilled to share some monumental news with you, and we couldn't be more excited about our journey ahead. Today, we stand on the cusp of a new chapter in our story as we're proud to announce that Conexio will now be known as Conexio by Nearsure.

Nearsure, the trailblazing tech solutions provider, has recently expanded its services to become the go-to partner for forward-thinking brands. And Conexio is right at the heart of this expansion!  

In a strategic move to provide our clients and partners with more services, we are now operating powered by Nearsure. What does this mean for you? Well, under Nearsure’s robust umbrella, we embody the essence of a comprehensive technological partner. Going beyond CXM, we provide value at every stage of your company’s digital transformation. This way, we’re able to consistently deliver end-to-end projects with the expertise that sets us apart.

Conexio by Nearsure: reaching new heights

While we’re still the Conexio you know and trust, we’re now part of something much bigger. Nearsure’s commitment to mastering over 160 technologies and platforms allows us to offer services beyond our original Adobe Experience Cloud offerings. In fact, Nearsure provides an array of tech solutions that include cloud operations, software development, and Microsoft and Salesforce solutions, among others. This widened service offering signifies our approach towards complete technological solutions.

Nearsure's journey has been marked by state-of-the-art collaborations with industry giants like ParkMobile and Crunchyroll, widening our horizons. This enables us to extend our services across various industries, aligning with the diverse needs of our clientele.

More than that, this allows us to stand tall with a commitment to a people-centered approach. As Nearsure's CEO Giuliana Corbo best puts it, “We continue to focus on upholding a humanistic culture that secures our talent’s well-being". Indeed, this aligns perfectly with our values at Conexio, ensuring that as we grow, we do so with a focus on the people who make it all possible —our skilled team members and valued clients.

What lies ahead

As we step into this exciting phase, we'd love for you to continue being a part of it by staying tuned for all the collaborations and achievements that we’ll tackle this year. Powered by Nearsure, we're spearheading industry innovation and expertise to redefine the possibilities of technology.

Thank you for being an integral part of our story. Here's to the future —a future with limitless possibilities!

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