Adobe Mix Modeler & Adobe Product Analytics: Adobe’s Newest Tools

In this article, explore with us two new products from the Experience Cloud: Adobe Mix Modeler and Adobe Product Analytics.

Luis Benitez
Head of Marketing

As you may very well know, this year, the 21st of March didn’t just mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring —it also marked the first day of the Adobe Summit 2023. Around 100,000 people tune in (either in person or virtually) for keynotes, training workshops, sessions, panels, and product announcements.

We are in Las Vegas, connecting with the Adobe community and attending the most exciting sessions. The end of day 1 has got us scratching our heads: in a single day, Adobe has launched 3 entirely new products to the market: what are they all about (...and what else is in store for the rest of the summit)?!  

Lucky for us, some of our team members attended the product announcements and we’ve gathered all the information there is to know about them! In this article, explore with us two new products from the Experience Cloud: Adobe Mix Modeler and Adobe Product Analytics. Let’s dive in!

Psst... If you happen to be wondering about the third product Adobe just launched —Adobe Firefly— we've got you covered.

What is Adobe Mix Modeler?

The Adobe Mix Modeler is a new tool designed to help marketers measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns across different channels and touchpoints through data analysis and modeling. It uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze data from multiple sources, including online and offline channels, to provide a holistic view of a campaign’s performance. This will enable marketers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their marketing spend for maximum ROI.  

One of the main features of Adobe Mix Modeler is its ability to provide real-time campaign performance data, allowing marketers to make quick adjustments to their campaigns for maximum impact. This can help businesses stay ahead of the competition and adapt to changing market conditions.

Another feature we’re particularly excited about here at Conexio is the Mix Modeler’s ability to use machine learning algorithms to analyze large sets of data and provide insights on which channels are most effective at driving conversions. Additionally, the tool will also enable users to perform "what-if" scenarios to see how changes in their marketing mix could impact sales.

Of course, the Adobe Mix Modeler will also be able to be integrated with other Adobe platforms, such as Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Platform. This will enable marketers to access and analyze data from multiple sources within a single platform, thereby streamlining the process of optimizing campaigns.  

Overall, this AI-powered tool seems very promising —particularly for brands that are looking to gain deeper insights into their marketing campaigns to optimize them. As Kiyoshi Ihara, Director of Product Management at Adobe, put it:

“CMOs will be able to get holistic marketing budget clarity in a unified manner, which will answer foundational questions about the impact of marketing investments on business outcomes”.

Exciting, right?

What is Adobe Product Analytics?

Another tool Adobe just launched is Adobe Product Analytics. It’s designed to help businesses improve their website and app experiences by providing insights into customer behavior and preferences. For instance, the platform offers a wide range of features such as data visualization, segmentation and real-time data processing.  

Adobe Product Analytics uses AI and machine learning algorithms and analyzes user interactions with digital products such as clicks, swipes, and other user actions. This analysis provides valuable insights into how users engage with products. This can help businesses make informed decisions about product design, development and marketing strategies; and to gain a better understanding of which features of a website are most popular and which areas may need improvement.

Additionally, Adobe Product Analytics provides valuable insights into user behavior through real-time data processing. So, it enables companies to access up-to-date information on user behavior and performance metrics at any time. This can be useful for businesses that need to make quick decisions or respond to changes in customer behavior.  

All in all, this is a neat and useful tool designed to help brands create personalized experiences for their customers, leading to increased engagement and customer loyalty. At Conexio, we can’t wait to learn more about this new platform and integrate it into our client’s projects!

Adobe’s vision for Mix Modeler and Product Analytics.

Adobe's vision for these tools is to help businesses make informed decisions based on real-time data and insights, allowing them to optimize their marketing strategies and improve customer experiences. With AI-powered tools, companies can gain a competitive advantage by delivering personalized experiences that meet their customers' needs.  

Adobe Mix Modeler and Adobe Product Analytics are powerful tools that help marketing executives make informed decisions and optimize their marketing strategies. With advanced AI algorithms, businesses can gain valuable insights into campaign performance and customer behavior, leading to increased ROI and customer engagement. As a marketing executive, it's crucial to stay ahead of the competition by adopting the latest technology and tools. Without a doubt, Adobe's new AI-powered tools can help you achieve your mark.

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