Conexio: Your Trusted Adobe Silver Partner for 2023 and Beyond

Conexio achieves Silver-level status in the Adobe Solution Partner Program, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions through Adobe's platforms. Explore what this means for clients and our journey to get to where we are. Plus, we unveil our scientific approach to customer experience management (CXM).

Alison Wyss
Content Marketing Manager

We are thrilled to announce that Conexio has achieved Silver-level status in the Adobe Solution Partner Program. Suffice it to say, this milestone has us over the moon with excitement. To us, it’s a recognition of our commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions to our clients through Adobe’s world-class platforms. And what a great way to kick off the year!

But what exactly does it mean to be an Adobe Silver Partner? More importantly, what does it mean for our clients? In this article, we will be exploring all of this —and a little about our incredible journey to get here. Plus, we unveil our Experience Lab and show a peek inside our scientific approach to customer experience management (CXM) success.

Our journey to Silver partnership.  

Becoming an Adobe Silver partner is no easy feat. It requires a rigorous application process, multiple certifications, and a proven track record of successful implementations. At Conexio, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide state-of-the-art solutions that deliver results and business growth for our clients. Our dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences has been instrumental in our journey to becoming an Adobe Silver partner.

As long-time Adobe solution partners, this wasn’t our first time at the rodeo. Picture this: back in 2014, we had a wild idea for a company that could change the CXM game. Fast forward to now, and we have over 300 successful projects under our belt! We have become a crew of more than 90 professionals working remotely, spread across the globe from Uruguay to Poland, and everywhere in between. We are a tight-knit team that always brings our A-game with a mix of smarts and heart —whether we’re tackling the biggest projects or the tiniest tasks.

Throughout 2014 we worked hard to surpass the first partnership level. So, in 2015 we became an Adobe Bronze Partner and, let me tell you, it was a big deal for us!

But as much as we love Adobe (and trust me, we do), we knew that we had to step up our game if we wanted to take our expertise to the next level. So, we got focused and started collaborating with Adobe on far more projects than before.  

Currently, we're one of Adobe's preferred technical solutions providers in Latin America, and we are becoming a trusted partner for the U.S. market as well. But being a silver partner isn't just about bragging rights. It also means that we get exclusive training and access to the latest Adobe innovations. And that's not just cool, it's downright essential in the fast-paced world of CXM.

What does being an Adobe Silver partner mean for our clients?

Being Adobe solution partners also means that we have access to a range of resources, including training, support, and technical assistance, which enable us to better serve our clients' needs. Our clients can expect enhanced performance, reliability and scalability in all our projects. We also deliver customized, cutting-edge solutions that leverage Adobe's software to drive results and meet our clients' unique needs.  

As an Adobe Silver Partner, we can offer our clients a higher level of service and expertise, ensuring that they receive the best possible digital experience from start to finish.

What solutions is Conexio specialized and certified in?

Conexio's Experience Lab, as we like to call it, is certified in Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Commerce, Adobe Target, Adobe Real-time CDP, Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Marketo, and Adobe Journey Optimizer.  

At Conexio, we believe in challenging ourselves and keeping ourselves on our toes, which is why we gradually expand our areas of Adobe expertise. For instance, right now we’re immersing ourselves into the world of Adobe Forms, a platform that helps business forms and documents to reach digital maturity.

On a different note, let's explore how our expertise in these solutions and our scientific approach to CXM allows us to help brands deliver highly personalized, engaging digital experiences that drive customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The Science of Experience –a holistic view of customer experiences.

When we partner up with brands to help them deliver memorable and unique experiences for their customers, we don’t merely focus on the design of those experiences. For us, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, we apply a holistic view of CXM. What do we mean by that?

Essentially, we start off by building a solid CX strategy. Let’s call it the foundation. We typically create our clients’ foundations through the Adobe Journey Optimizer, Adobe Marketo Engage, and/or Adobe Campaign. After that, we design and apply Data & Analytics —the first floor, if you will. To achieve this, we have Adobe Analytics, Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, Adobe Target and/or Adobe Real-Time CDP. Finally, we get to the design of the customer experience.  

We craft this “second floor” through Adobe Commerce, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target and/or Adobe Real-Time CDP.  

Of course, the specific platforms and tools to be used and integrated depend on each individual case as much as the strategy does. This is to say, we don’t apply a blanket CXM solution but rather carefully craft them according to the needs and goals of our clients. Having said that, we believe that the way in which these platforms intertwine and interact with each other allows brands to create a holistic and thorough customer experience management. We like to think of it as the CXM formula to win them all.  

At Conexio, we're all about making your brand stand out. That's why we don't settle for surface-level metrics like clicks and open rates. We know there's something bigger at play, and we're determined to uncover it.

Think of us like scientists in a lab (remember we mentioned our Experience Lab?), working tirelessly to discover the next big thing. We take a methodical and experimental approach to building experiences that truly resonate with your audience. By asking the right questions, conducting research, creating hypotheses, and analyzing the data, we're able to find that X factor that sets your brand apart. This is what we call The Science of Experience.  

Final thoughts.

With deep expertise in a wide variety of Adobe solutions, we are well equipped to help clients design highly personalized, engaging digital experiences that drive customer loyalty and satisfaction.  

But our approach doesn't just stop at designing great experiences for your customers, and we know that building a sustainable process for your brand's experience-facing operations is essential. With our expertise and dedication, we can help you create a process that not only supports your brand but also takes it to the next level.  

So, if you’re looking for Adobe solution partners, reach out to us to discover how we can help you jump-start your CXM.

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