Orangetheory Fitness lives and breathes through data

Orangetheory Fitness lives and breathes through data

“We give our members the voice of the brand, and our job in marketing is really to set the storyline. And the storyline we have given is how what you’re doing in the studio for one hour every few days is going to give you a much more vibrant life.”

Kevin Keith
Chief Brand Officer OTF

Orangetheory Fitness lives and breathes through data. If you go to one of their gyms, what you do doesn't exactly stay at the gym. Their OTbeat™ technology tracks every detail of your performance. With that information, they can help you find your ideal shape based on your performance with a unique approach. 

The challenge

Orangetheory Fitness' culture moves around data. So we are helping them to bring that data culture into their email marketing programs and customer acquisition channels. Their expansion is driven by their franchises, so our work needs to support an ever-growing structure of businesses around the world.

The outcome

We are building a flexible marketing engine to support their franchises' marketing operations. No matter where the user is discovering OTF, we can now give them a personalized experience that starts from unique landing pages and a customized onboarding flow. These actions boosted their conversion rate for bookings and show-up rate for trial classes. 

How we achieve this

Since our first discovery stage, we found the opportunity to optimize their SEO performance by improving some of their AEM modules. From that point, we dove in-depth into their digital experiences, including their Adobe Analytics implementation and their tagging structure. Once we achieved a solid foundation, we started to build the marketing engine that is powering their email marketing and personalization activities with Adobe Campaign. 

Orangetheory Fitness is a boutique fitness studio franchise based in Boca Raton, Florida.





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NPS Score. We are working with OTF to build a digital experience resulting in long-term loyalty of their members.


New members. In 2021 OTF added 500,000 new members worldwide.


First class bookings. A personalized onboarding flow that drives business results.


Optimized accessibility, performance, and SEO scores.
Improved sign-up and onboarding flows for new users.
Implemented unique landing pages flow for influencers.
Created Adobe Campaign architecture flows for churn prevention, booking, support, and special offers.

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