Building a digital experience to support +20 million customers

Building a digital experience to support +20 million customers

The financial industry is going through a fast transformation driven by the evolution of customer needs. Naturally, we expect the best possible experience from the companies we trust our money with.

This project challenged us to understand the details of the banking industry, study compliance processes, and set the highest security standards for our work.

The Challenge

Our client is one of the biggest banks in Latin America. They were having problems with collaboration, personalization, and their general approach to digital experiences.

Our goal was to help them build a framework to deliver personalized experiences to more than 20 million customers. How? By designing a flexible marketing engine that will help them provide more effective content distribution and targeting.

The solution

We defined how data will flow across the different stages of a user’s journey and centralized the management of information into several custom reports. Those reports were the main source of information to support all the integration processes that deliver a personalized experience to each user.

Once every solution was in place, we were able to track the exact stage a user is in and deliver customized marketing messages to move them into the next step of the funnel.

How we achieved this

We designed and built a unified implementation of Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Adobe Experience Manager. Every tool played a key role in their marketing strategy, allowing our client’s marketing teams to create segments and optimize data collection and usage to improve personalization across every channel.

We also implemented approval workflows to grant the control and quality of every customer's interaction and asset use.





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