Building a unified experience: The PWC journey

Building a unified experience: The PWC journey

"A brand’s path toward seizing the new opportunities begins with bringing together executives from marketing, sales, privacy, finance, and IT. Success will have three ingredients: a new data strategy, a new approach to trust and value, and a newly innovative technology toolkit. This is why we work with Adobe to help our clients achieve successful first-party data strategies across the business."

Phil Regnault
Principal of Customer Transformation at PwC

PWC is a leading professional services network with offices in 156 countries and more than 295.000 employees worldwide. With so many disparate sources of information, PWC needed to create many sites to manage and provide its services.

Over time, the leadership team realized that managing several channels like web, mobile and social without funneling them over a unifying platform provided a fragmented user experience.

When they partnered with us, they wanted to migrate all of these different sites to a single platform, ensuring the user experience was seamless and consistent —regardless of the channel or device.

The challenge

PWC needed to deliver a unified and consistent customer experience around the globe. Customers must perceive each interaction and communication as a seamless experience, regardless of channel or geographical location.

They also needed to improve their MarTech team's efficiency and time-to-market, given that they couldn't respond to client and market trends as quickly as the market demanded.

The outcome

A single Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solution able to deliver personalized content to PWC's audiences based on location, interests, and preferences. Resulting in a unified, consistent, and better-performing digital experience.

How we achieved this

With the power of the Adobe Experience Manager platform, we built a single website that could serve all audiences in all regions of the world.

We also took advantage of AEM's capabilities around content personalization based on location and interest data, which allowed us to deliver more relevant content to our clients' audiences than ever before.

Over a year, we migrated 80.000 pages that receive millions of users worldwide daily.

The flexibility of AEM allowed us to reduce the client's time, effort, and budget required for developing new sites and improving existing ones while providing a consistent experience for their audience across all platforms.

PWC is a leading professional services network with offices in 156 countries and more than 295.000 employees.


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