Conexio & Panduit: Driving innovation in the industrial industry

Conexio & Panduit: Driving innovation in the industrial industry

"Conexio's teams have been amazing and played an integral role in the optimization of our web portal."

Jason Traina
Manager, IT Applications Technology
The Challenge

Panduit needed to transform their entire organization. To achieve this, our teams worked together for several years building a unified operations strategy for their technology, analytics, and marketing teams.

One particular project that has been driving Panduit's digital transformation is the revamp we did for their Partner Portal.

We started from a website without a clear strategy. As a result, customers couldn't find their best-selling products, the bounce rate was increasing, and the conversion rate was decreasing.

The outcome

The project involved a new digital foundation, which included web content management with Adobe Experience Manager, digital assets, and the development of some extra components.

We started from the user perspective, building a seamless buying experience for industrial buyers with specific features, such as a detailed product search and the possibility to create and export lists of products.

Marketers from Panduit can now automate the publication of digital and print marketing collateral using native integration between Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud.

How we achieved this

We re-designed and reworked the architecture of their then-current Distribution Portal, improving the integration channels between Adobe Experience Manager, MuleSoft, and ACLs permissions improvements which helped them quickly enable new features and improve their time-to-market.

Panduit develops smarter, scalable network infrastructure and industrial electrical wiring solutions that help businesses unlock their full potential.


Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing



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More revenue has been driven by Panduit’s renovated Partner Portal.


SEO points improvement in Google Lighthouse score.


Of their customers are Fortune 100 companies —so we help Panduit keep the highest quality standards in the industry.


We re-designed and reworked the architecture of their then-current Distribution Portal.
We built a unique workflow between Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Marketing Cloud, allowing marketers to produce and publish personalized content at scale.
Our SEO improvements resulted in a 61 points performance in Google Lighthouse.
We created a set of unique Adobe Analytics reports and dashboards that track all the revenue coming from digital channels.

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