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Secure the marketing strategy and operations team your business needs with a Marketo implementation partner.

A team with the breadth and depth of experience to complete every business-critical initiative you've been unable to take on yourself with the power of automation. Whether you're starting from scratch with Marketo or already have an implementation in place, our Marketo experts are here to support you.

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Marketo engage benefits

Realize the full potential of your marketing platform with a Marketo Partner

Marketing is a team sport, and it can take a lot of hard work to get it right. It often involves many moving parts and large datasets to sift through. Team members can only manually handle so much information.
With Adobe Marketo Engage, we will empower your marketing team to orchestrate unforgettable experiences at every step of the customer journey with a single, end-to-end platform that seamlessly connects marketing and sales.

Our marketing automation services include:

Marketo Implementation Strategies
Marketing Operations Strategies
Managed Services for Marketo
Martech Optimization
Architecture and CRM sync
Scoring Models

How do you measure success when the path is always changing?

Customer journeys are getting more complex, with a constantly growing number of channels to monitor and design strategies for. To make sense out of this data, you need a Marketo implementation partner who can help you plan, engage and measure personalized journeys.

You’ve got problems. Marketo has automated solutions.


I need to do more with less.
I don’t have a way to track or optimize user engagement.
My leads aren’t converting, or I have a leaky sales funnel
My leads aren’t qualified.
I’m experiencing marketing inefficiencies and tech gaps.


Automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for strategic work.
Track user engagement and get the data you need to come up with advanced strategies to optimize it.
Chase less leads that go nowhere. Nurture leads across channels until they are ready to buy. You’ll end up getting more leads for less.
Get the leads you need by better understanding prospects and buyers, then optimizing the journey for maximum results.
Increase operational efficiency by automating everything that can be automated and let your team focus in creation and innovation.
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Adobe Marketo Engage Capabilities

  • Marketing automation
  • Account-based marketing
  • Lead management
  • Email marketing
  • Multi-touch attribution
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Adobe Marketo Engage features

  • Cross-channel engagement
  • Social marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Dynamic Chat
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Adobe Marketo Engage benefits

  • Marketing automation that increases your reach, not your effort.
  • Account-based marketing tools to target and grow accounts.
  • Powerful lead management for seamless handoffs to sales.
  • Boost the marketing prowess of your favorite apps with native integrations.

Delivering a range of Marketo Engage Experts to help you feel supported through out the transition to automated marketing and get the most out of the Marketo platform.

Marketo engage benefits
The benefits of Marketing Automation

Higher Average sales value when part of a lead nurturing campaign.


Increase in Campaign efficiency with the same marketing staff.


increase overall deal velocity.

Specialized and experienced: the team that can fulfill your needs

For successful Marketo Engage implementations, you need experienced teams with extensive CX knowledge and a track record of delivering results. We are that team.

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Conexio team photo.
100% certified team.
When every member is certified and experienced, you have the security of knowing processes are optimized. No mistakes and no delays.
Up-to-date solutions:
We are Adobe specialists with years of education and experience in their solutions. Our methods and tools will always be the most updated and effective ones available.
Global reach.
Our team is global. Distance is no obstacle for us! We are always available for communication and can get things done quickly if necessary.
Our approach.
We're here to work together. More than a service provider, we're your partner in Customer Experience Management
With you every step of the way.
Step-by-step tech and managerial support for your Adobe Experience Platform implementations so that you can focus on your core business priorities.
From D2C to B2B
We’re experts in digital business growth.

We combine strategy and tech expertise to unlock your brand's true potential.
You’ve found the right partner.

Marketo is a single end-to-end platform that seamlessly connects marketing and sales.

Marketo is the missing link between your marketing and sales teams that helps you build a more effective pipeline for new business. Engage's Marketing Automation is a winning combination of activity data, segmentation, personalization, and automation that provides marketers and sales teams with the seamless experience they need to engage users across multiple channels.

Unlike other marketing solutions, Marketo Engage is designed for multi-channel experiences and its tools help you measure every interaction.
David Shao , vp of marketing technology at service now.
David Shao
VP of Marketing Technology
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Conexio's knowledge transfer and communication ability allowed us to work in perfect synchrony. I've never seen a company that invests this much in developing its talents. ”

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Digital Project Manager
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The team did excellent work, and the solution exceeded our expectations. We received positive feedback from our users, pointing out the fast, clean design, user-friendly and comfortable solution we build”

Jason traina photo.
Jason Traina
Manager, IT Applications Technology
at Panduit.
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Conexio's team have been amazing and played an integral role in the optimization of our web portal”


Get the most out of Marketo with a Marketo agency partners.

With the right partner by your side, you can take advantage of the new opportunities available in today's highly competitive marketplace.
If you want up your marketing automation game, Conexio can be that partner for you.