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Our Experience Lab takes over Toronto to let everyone know
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Who we are

Conexio is a global Customer Experience Management agency, helping leading brands to create meaningful connections with their users.

A scientific approach to creating and managing human connections that drive sustainable growth.

Behind every swipe, there is at least one user trying to interact with your brand; sounds simple, right?

But there's a catch. A "good experience" is not something you can measure in a straightforward way. Yes, improving the experience you deliver can be very positive. Do you want to hear something crazy? For auto manufacturers improving CX by 1 point can lead to more than $1 billion in additional revenue.

But what is behind that 1 point of CX improvement varies for every company. For example, Tesla and Porsche users value different facts about their brands. So why do we keep measuring users with the same classic structures?

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Case studies

The Science of Experience

We believe that clicks, open rates, and shopping behavior KPIs are supplies for something bigger. We treat the process of building an experience like scientists treat their work on discovering new substances with a methodical and experimental approach.

Using the scientific method's learnings, we ask the right questions, build the research, create a hypothesis, test and analyze everything that happens with your brand. All this is to find that unique X factor that makes a strong connection between your brand and its users.

Brands need a sustainable process to support their experience-facing operations, and we are here to help you build yours.

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Aimee Trusler
Aimee Trusler photography
Chief Growth Officer
With more than 10 years of experience leading international sales, marketing, and operations teams, she joined Conexio to accelerate the company's transformation into a global Customer Experience Management Agency.
Bryndon Fitzgerald
Growth Manager
Growth Expert at Conexio. Bryndon works with marketing and technology executives to help them find new and innovative ways to improve their digital experience operations.